About Converspace

Who We are

The purpose of Converspace is provide businesses, organizations, groups and teams with a quaint, accessible and affordable space solution for intimate gatherings, off-site planning, and nontraditional working space.  We strive to provide a safe, working environment for our staff, a positive influence on the surrounding community, and a well-maintained venue for public and private use. Our number one goal is to provide exceptional service by meeting the needs of our clients from start to finish.  

Converspace supports small businesses and women in business by providing opportunities to connect with others, learn through business development, and grow their network.  

Our core values include innovation, collaboration, impact and integrity. 

  • Innovation- We seek innovative ways to connect with customers and continue to provide exceptional service to the public and private sectors. 
  • Collaboration- We promote collaborative events and opportunities for businesses to connect and grow.
  • Impact- We aim to impact the community and individuals by supporting nonprofit agencies, individual businesses looking to get started as well as the overall community in NE Columbia.  
  • Integrity- We uphold our policies at all times and communicate consistently to build trusting relationships with our customers and the community.  

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We'd love to hear about your experience with Converspace.  Share your reviews with us.  Feedback is a great way to continue to grow.  

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